Rihanna Shares Cute Birthday Pics! Including Her Two Cakes!

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Rihanna Rihanna

Rihanna’s birthday was yesterday, so it was no surprise that the singer posted loads of snaps from her special day.

She has been celebrating her birthday for the past few days, but today’s celebration seems to be the icing on the cake, literally, as she posted a snap of her delicious cake from today.



Africa is the continent where the human history began. It is also the second largest continent of the world with 30,272,922 square kilometers. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the southeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Suez Canal to the northeast. There are human vestiges of agriculture and cattle in Africa that dates from 6000 BC. Some of the most ancient examples of plants domestication were founded in both, Ethiopia and Western Africa.

Generally, the climate of Africa varies from tropical to sub-arctic on its highest peaks; including the desert in the northern half, while it is able to find both savanna plains and dense jungle regions in the central and southern areas. For this reason, Africa has the privilege to refuge the largest combination of density, wild animal populations and diversity including carnivores, herbivores, jungle creatures and aquatic life. It is estimate there are over a thousand, and even over two thousand languages in Africa, most of them are of African origin, however some are also of European or Asian origin. This influence have become Africa in the most multilingual continent in the world, so that, it is not rare to find most of the individuals speak fluently multiple languages.

Some of the oldest civilizations of Africa were Egypt and Phoenicia. Later, the north of Africa was occupied by the Roman Empire and after by the Arabian Islamic Caliphate. In the XIX century most territories of Africa were invaded by the colonial armies from the most powerful European countries like England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Belgium. However, nowadays Africa has 910 844 133 inhabitants, 53 countries, ; but it is also a continent that hides amazing treasures and cultures. From Egypt to South Africa, you can find an endless number of impressive natural sites and monuments, including beautiful mountains, exuberant wild life in natural reserves, amazing water falls and much more. Unfortunately for long time, and until now, most African marvels were hidden because of either ravages of time, nature or repressive governments.

Africa is known as the fathers of civilization.Most beautiful countries were built by help of african due to the slave trade.All the strong and interlligent men were captured by the colonial masters and  they were  made to work overseas.Therefore most great and beautiful cities and countries were built by african slaves.Africa is also known for is richness in minerals such as gold,diamonds,bauxites etc.Africa is indeed a great continent.A continent full of tourist attractions.Africa is indeed a blessed continenet.

These seven wonders are just a sneak peek of how great and wonderful Africa is.

  1. Victoria Falls

    The Victoria Falls is one of the best spectacular natural wonders of the world, also called “Mosi-oa-Tunya” constitutes the largest curtain of water in the world into the Zambezi Gorge with its 1708 meters wide.

    victoria falls

    victoria falls

  2. The Lighthouse of Alexandria

    This wonder was located in the island of Pharos in front to the coastline of Alexandria. The Lighthouse served to guide the sailors and it was one of the highest buildings of the world.lighthouse-alexandriath

  3. Great Pyramid of Giza

    The Great Pyramid of Giza , also called Khufu’s Pyramid or the Pyramid of Khufu, and Pyramid of Cheops, is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis.

    the pyramid

    the pyramid

  4. Kom el Shoqafa Catacombs

    The Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa is a multi level labyrinth featuring dozens of chambers adorned with sculpted pillars, statues and other Romano Egyptian religious symbols, burial niches and sarcophagi.catacombs-of-komth

  5. Karnak Temple

    The religious complex of Karnak at Luxor was the most important religious center in Egypt while Thebes was the capital of the Empire, its wonderful temples and sculptures are one of the greatest wonders of the planet.karnakth


    Cairo Citadel

    The Saladin Citadel of Cairo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Egypt with the Muqattan hill, Mosque of Muhammad Ali and wonderful Islamic structures.cairo-citadelth

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